• A minimum order of $25 is required for free pickup/delivery. A delivery charge of $6.99 per item will be charged, if the minimum order is not met.

  • For some reason, if customer cannot be home during the time of scheduled Pickup/Delivery, Customer should let WASHLY know at least 1 hr before, so WASHLY can reschedule to the next available slot. We are flexible to an extent.
  • On Sundays we offer Pick-Up only. No deliveries on Sundays. 

  • Customers should let WASHLY know about any existing hard stain(s) on their clothes, so WASHLY can give a best estimate for pricing as well as the actual delivery time.

  • WASHLY has a detailed vetting process in place, when it comes to choosing our cleaning partners. We always have partnered with some of the best in the market, who gives quality as their number one priority.

  • If WASHLY believes at any time, that a Customer item(s) might damage other clothes during the cleaning process, due to reasons like color bleeding etc, WASHLY will check with the customer before sending the item(s) for Dry Cleaning, which could result in a possible price increase and/or extended delivery time.

  • Based on the above scenario, if WASHLY believes that the customer item(s) cannot be cleaned even with the Dry cleaning process, the item(s) will then be returned to the customer uncleaned.

  • If WASHLY determines that there will be further damage to a customer item(s) during the inspection process, WASHLY will contact the customer before any cleaning process, if not, item(s) will be returned to the customer uncleaned.

  • In an event of a rare instance, if WASHLY damages a customer item(s), WASHLY will work with the customer to see if the item(s) can be repaired or restored to a good condition, if not, WASHLY will fairly compensate our customers.

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